Meghan Markle’s Vogue Issue does not feature Queen elisabeth 2: This is why. The inconvenient thruth

Meghan Markle: Why Queen Elisabeth 2 wasn’t among the 15 people on the cover of vogue? The inconvenient truth

Meghan markle was criticized for not putting the queen on the cover of the vogue September issue that she edited. For those who criticize her choice for the cover can we please ask you one thing? what has Queen Elisabeth done to deserve this honor?

Image of Meghan's Vogue september issue
Meghan’s Vogue september issue

Has she invented the cure for aids? is she a scientist? what has she done in her lifetime to be recognized as a force for change?


image of queen victoria and queen elisabeth
Queen victoria and Queen Elizabeth

If anything, the queen is the guardian of an institution, an institution that is as old as my ancestors could remember.

She represents an institution that is overt to change. Queen Elisabeth claims to fame is to be the longest reigning monarch and what she mostly do is smile and cut ribbons.
At least the majority of the women on the cover of vogue September issue have worked hard to make it were they are right now. They were not born with a silver spoon. Some of them were refugees, have had a handicap, had to fight to be accepted and to succeed. Had to fight for their views to be accepted by the many and by the holder of the acceptable truth.

Image of Meghan Markle is featured in vogue uk
Meghan Markle is featured in vogue uk and edited the September issue.

meghan shows by picking these women that no matter where you are from, no matter your background , you can become someone if you work hard. Some people said that they would rather see people like adut akesh on the cover than the queen herself who is just born lucky. Many people feels that Cutting ribbons is not work, being a monarch indefinitely is nothing to be jubilant about. To some, the queen is just the queen because of her birth. She was never elected; she just received the “job” from her father. To some, the monarchy is just decorum and nothing more. And their members are just pretty to look at and are meant to make us dream of a life that we will never have.

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